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"Better than War and Peace! The most accurate and complete book on film terms and phrases there is. Even after 35 years of filmmaking I still learned something from Tim's book." 

Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of the Toxic Avenger.  

"I loved the book. Small, easy to use and accurate." 

Bradley Battersby, Head of the Digital Film Program at Ringling College in Sarasota Florida. 

"The A to Z Guide to Film Terms is the handiest damn book I have on my shelf! An invaluable guide and resource for the professional or novice. It's fun, factual and small enough to use for a coaster..." 

Neil LaBute, Writer Director, In the Company of Men, Nurse Betty and Wicker Man  

"A great little pocket book for learning who does what on a film set." 

Barry Casson, filmmaker and speaker.  

"Vancouver’s Tim Moshansky can help you talk the talk."  

Vancouver Sun  

"For those in the industry or those who want to be in the know. Chock full of technical jargon and slang expressions, the guide has become a Canadian best-seller and required reading in some university and college film programs."  

Maclean’s Magazine 

 "A great, pocket sized resource book for anyone in the film biz. I have used it in my film orientation classes for the past 5 years and recommend it to all newcomers to the industry. It's an invaluable tool."  Jane Still, Instructor at Capilano University & Veteran of over 20 years in the industry. 

 "The A to Z Guide to Film Terms has been a bestseller at Biz Books from the day it arrived. This pocket-sized book appeals to a whole cross-section of our customers – from the new actor or crew member anticipating their first day on set to the film buff who just wants to be ‘in the know’. It is such a valued resource that many schools, teachers, and professional training facilities make this required reading for their students.  Affordable and informative – it’s one of our top recommendations." 

Catherine Lough-Haggquist, Film and Television Actor and Owner of Biz Books in Vancouver, BC 

"As a producer/director, and filmmaking instructor, I have used the booklet A to Z Guide to Film Terms many times in a classroom situation and have found it to be an excellent resource to the language of film."  

Roy Hayter, Director, Producer and Instructor at the Vancouver Film School  

"This handy guide is great for any film buff who has watched the credits roll at the end of a movie and wondered just what the heck a "gaffer" is. (A gaffer is the person in charge of all electrical and light requirements on a set.)"  

Tribute Magazine  

"If you're a new filmmaker or simply an interested movie buff, the variety and obscurity of terminology can be difficult to follow at first. From knowing your gaffers from your grips through to knowing why a digital intermediate might be necessary for your film, having a full grasp of industry lingo is essential. Although there are various guides floating around the place, Tim Moshansky's aptly named A to Z Guide to Film Terms stands tall above these, both for its comprehensiveness and for the fact it is more than just a dictionary. It has numerous real life examples, written from a true insider’s perspective. And its pocket-friendly size means that new and not-so-new filmmakers can keep it handy for a sneak peek on set when the need arises. Now in its 5th edition, the A to Z Guide to Film Terms is a must own book for any serious filmmaker." 2008 (Five out of Five stars)  

 "Over the years I’ve read a number of directories of filmmaking terminology, but the most comprehensive and useful I’ve ever come across is A to Z Guide to Film Terms. The entries are highly informative, many going beyond a basic explanation." 

Susan Royal, Inside Film Magazine

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